Dunlop Purofort Professional Full Safety Boot



The ideal Purofort+ work boot for general safety purposes. TThe shaped shaft offers a safe fit and the reinforced insole provides improved gripping properties and prevents sprained ankles. Additional reinforcement in the metatarsal area and the heel offers the foot protection and support when moving. Insulated against the cold for temperatures down to -4°F (-20°C). Lightweight and durable. Flexible for more comfort. Protection: Steel toecap & midsole, Slip resistant outsole, Resistant to various chemicals; Comfort: Thermal insulation down to -4°F, Flexible & lightweight, and Shock absorbing. The three most important performance elements for Dunlop boots in General Industry are 1. Antislip; 2. Comfort; 3. Shock-absorbing. Whether you work at a petrochemical company, where hazardous materials are being used, in the mining sector, where falling objects are the norm or in Construction, it is very important that you wear the right clothing in order to protect yourself. In any industrial environment, there is a risk of injury or accidents, which is why having the right work boots is of essential importance. Dunlop has developed a comprehensive assortment of high-quality boots for use in industrial environments. Our products comply with all the most recent necessary safety requirements for your work, from steel toes to special boots for specific user environments. The Dunlop models are available with all safety fittings, with a steel toe and midsole, so you can work without worry. These prevent your foot from becoming bruised or being injured and also keep sharp objects at bay. Comfort also plays an important role in the choice of boot for those who wear them the entire day. Dunlop Purofort work boots are characterized by a perfect fit, comfort, and durability.

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